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Rajdhani Besan 500gm
Rajdhani Besan 500gm
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ABOUT THE BRAND : The chana, used to manufacture Chana Dal and then Besan, is procured from the best of places in the world. Strict quality control standards are laid down for procurement of chana for which the responsibility rests on the shoulders of experienced personnel. As a result, clean chana dal is obtained with a gold-like sparkle, which is then grounded using the pulverizers. The chana dal not sent for grinding is further graded according to color to eliminate the green grains. Sortex, the most high tech machine man has ever made is used to make the dal actually pure. This Chana dal is then packed in an attractive consumer pack using automatic FFS machines. 
Meanwhile dal ground through the pulverizers is pneumatically lifted to the Centrifugal which is a high precision sieving machine. The final product i.e. Besan is also packed through automatic machines in attractive food grade poly pouches. 
Rajdhani boasts of producing 5 varieties of Besan based on their final use.
 1)Patent Blue, Microfine granule: This is the fine premium quality besan that reaches out to millions of households through a wide range of eatables such as Dhokla,        fafra, dalmoth and sohnpapri.
 2)Rajdhani Green, Fine granule: This is used extensively in the preparation of Namkeens and Besan Roti.
 3)Rajdhani Black, Semifine granule: This is the most popular variety of gram flour available for domestic consumption and is used in making karhi, pakora, chilla, gatte,    besan laddu (non boondi type) and besan roti.
 4)Rajdhani Red, Coarse granule: This is used for making boondi laddu, boondi raita and various namkeen mxtures.
 5)Rajdhani Red, Semicoarse granule: This is used in making moti chur and kesar laddu. 
It is all this that lends Rajdhani Besan its top quality and helps it have an edge in the market.
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