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Picture of Duracell Battery 9 volts

Duracell Battery 9 volts
Duracell Battery 9 volts


DESCRIPTION : Duracell batteries last up to 10x longer than ordinary zinc carbon batteries giving you more power when and where you need it. Duracell - at the heart of your device for all your power needs.  These Duracell Coppertop 9v batteries are strong, long-lasting alkaline batteries. They are uncapped, meaning they do not have detachable terminal protectors in place safeguarding the + and - leads like our Duracell Procell line. The Duracell Coppertop 9 volt battery is the consumer version of the Duracell Procell brand. A fresh Coppertop 9 volt battery typically shows a 9.4-9.5 voltage, while Procell 9v batteries are charged 9.5 or higher. Keep this in mind when purchasing 9v batteries for your most critical applications. The Procell is a superior battery and will generally outlast the Coppertop. As with all our batteries, these Duracell 9v bulk batteries are 100% guaranteed.

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Review of Duracell Battery
Although I'm sure my local fire department will cringe if they read this, I buy these things for our backups for our fire alarms and they last over 4 years! Wow! Now if I buy a knockoff brand, or even Energizer, I can only get 18 months out of them before they start squealing to be replaced. Plus, this 8 battery pack makes it awfully simple to have them around when it comes time to change them, and it's the right number for my house. Love these Duracells! Highly, highly recommend!

From: Nitish Kumar | Created on: 3/15/2013 5:30 AM

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